Mixing and Mastering

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Mixing & Mastering

Brand Management gives our clients studio quality recorded audio services in Dubai. You get a chance now to get ground breaking quality in your audio projects at very competitive prices. We have our in house audio engineers who dedicate themselves for the love of music and give our clients the best in class services Dubai can offer. We take our finished audio recordings and use state of the art mastering techniques in Dubai to give our clients crystal clear sound quality so that can be used for advertising or other purposes.

Mixing or Mastering an audio file requires professional machines and set up. At Brand Management all the factors are taken under consideration and the final product turns out to be exceptional in quality. Each mix created by our audio engineers is a fresh tune specially tuned to your requirements. We take it as our duty to make each piece sound balanced and perfect.

We have the following services that are done under one roof:

  • Stereo Imaging
  • Boosting Clarity
  • Harmonic Saturation Processing
  • Dynamic Range Environment
  • Professional Dithering
  • Multi-Band Compression

When you get associated with Brand Management, we deliver the best Mixing and Mastering services across Dubai and Abu Dhabi